The Recipe for Instant Popularity on Instagram

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Social media is no longer just a means of communicating with friends and relatives who live away from you; it has evolved into something much more powerful.

Today, it is not only used for branding, marketing and employment purposes, it can also count as a business on its own. There are people whose full time jobs rely solely on the existence of social media platforms.

Of the many social media platforms we have, Instagram has grown to become one of the greatest.

It is a medium for you to share your talents like photography, fashion designing or writing, and gain popularity in return.

The bottom line is for you to start getting consistent engagements on your post, once that happens, you’ll have so many opportunities to make money.


But, the question is; how do you make your page engaging?


It can be difficult to try to get engagements on your post when you’re still struggling to get more than 500 likes on your account.

That will be like putting the horse before the cart; a recipe for despair and frustrations especially in this day and age when people tend to judge your capabilities or worth based on the number of followers and likes you have.

I have a friend who wanted to be a popular model on Instagram, but wasn’t getting any likes or views on her post.

Even though her situation was discouraging, she was determined to find a solution to it, and so she started researching on the things that popular Instagramers do differently.

The first thing she found out was, each of them have a certain formula and schedule they follow in their postings.

This was quite an interesting finding on her part because she was used to sharing her post spontaneously.

This brings us to the first question you need to ask yourself.


1. What time do you get the most likes?

Find out what time of the day is a peak time for you. Do you get the most views and engagements on your posts during the day, in the evening or night? This is very important and can make all the difference.

My friend realized that she would get the most likes on her post during the midday (around 4 PM to 5PM). So, the first step she took was making sure her post went out at that time of the day. She also bought Instagram likes in order to make the most of the peak time. You can also buy Instagram likes and become popular!

2. Do you have a good Instagram theme?

Your Instagram feed needs to look professional if you want people to take you seriously. You cannot post 5 selfies at once and expect your followers to believe that you’re a good photographer.

 My friend did a whole makeover of her Instagram page!

She decided that she would post one full picture of her modelling work, one post would be a little personal – she would post about what she is eating, what her favorite book is, etc. and the third post would be either a candid picture, a video or a boomerang.

This way, her Instagram feed looked more organized and aesthetically pleasing; it had a colorful theme and was interesting to look at. Once this was done, she realized she could even buy views on Instagram at a reasonable rate for her videos.

After buying views, her page looked very professional which earned her respect like any well reputed model, and she got approached by many advertisers who were looking for a social media model!

If you want to buy views on Instagram, you should have a good number of videos on your profile like my friend. Otherwise, you can just set up a good theme and you’re good to go!

3. What types of people follow you?

My friend studied her followers on Instagram and noticed that most of them are teenagers and aspiring models.

This is the important next step you need to take.

Study your Followers; peep into their world and understand the kind of people they are. If they’re not the type you mean to attract, you need to analyze your message and re-strategize.

You can also buy followers on Instagram. Many people who have an Instagram account for the purpose of advertising or promoting their products and services tend to buy Instagram followers.

Gone are the days when buying followers would attract spam accounts. My friend never had such complaints. In fact, she bought followers with active followers on their own page and that helped her to attract more followers.

4. Are you getting any comments on your posts?

Since you already know the math about Instagram, this step should be rather easy. The more comments you get on your posts, the more your post appears to be interactive. This strikes the impression that you have an engaging following.

Are your followers commenting on your posts? If they’re not, don’t worry, you can set the stage when you buy comments on Instagram Read this article in order to know how building an engaging Instagram profile helps in achieving Instagram success.

In summary, we can say that Instagram is the building block to success. Once you have a good number of Instagram followers that engage with your posts, you can promote your photography, blog, business, fashion designs, YouTube account, and almost anything that comes to your mind.

I hope that this article and my friend’s story of Instagram success has helped answer your questions about becoming popular on Instagram. However, if you need more help and tips in order to grow your account, read this article.

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