How to Build Your Own Instagram Success

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Having a big account on Instagramis synonymous to having a good reputation.

To the people who visit your page, it makes all the difference.

To illustrate, think about this; if you wish to buy a pair of shoes, would you buy from a fashion blog that has only 15 followers or the one that has 10,000 followers and lots of engagements and likes on their posts? I’m sure you’d go with the latter option.

A popular account symbolizes acceptance and people are much more likely to buy what others are buying.

Since you’re here, my guess is that you’ve probably searched through the internet and tried a few things already to make your Instagram account experience the kind of growth that’ll matter to your business. It can be quite discouraging if you’re not seeing results.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring writer, photographer, or entrepreneur, having about 30 followers and hardly getting 10 likes on your posts will frustrate you, especially if you’re putting in effort to no avail.

Contrary to what you might be thinking right now, getting popular on Instagram isn’t rocket science. So, before you give up, it is essential that you read this article.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make your Instagram profile rock solid:

Have a Compelling and Striking Feed 

It is crucial that you have a stunning feed. People judge your account on the basis of what you post.

If you post only selfies with no captions, people will likely not be interested in following you.


People like to followaccounts that are interesting, fun and real. If you give your followers an insight into your world and let them have a peek at what your real life is like, you will spark a connection with them.

It will take some effort to build a good feed for your profile, but the results won’t be disappointing.


Get Your Photos Noticed  

After making sure your Instagram feed is top notch, the next step is to find the followers who will appreciate your work and take interest in it.

I know a friend who was starting out as a blogger. She created her blog page from scratch rather than converting or using her personal account. I was puzzled at first, but then I understood. She wanted to promote her page to only those who were genuinely interested in her work.

Once she was done with developing a great feed, she bought Instagram followers to boost her page, which I recommend you also do.

Take notice of the type of followers you’re getting

After buying Instagram followers, one thing that you must monitor is the kind of followers you’re getting from your plan. It is very important to know whether or not you have active followers or just spam accounts.

If you notice that you have more of inactive/spam accounts as followers, then you know that you have to discontinue with that plan and sign up on a better site. To know more about buying Instagram followers, read this article.

Promote Yourself

Once you start receiving followers, views and likes, it’s important for you to promote your account to others.



You can do this in a number of ways; comment on other accounts that are popular in the same stream as you and attract their followers to view your account, follow more people (not too many people, only the ones that are more likely to follow you back because they have the same interests as you) in order to increase your own follower base.

If you receive inactive/spam accounts as followers, you know that you have to discontinue that plan and sign up for a better site. To know more about buying Instagram followers, read this article.

Interact with Your Followers 

Nobody gets popular on Instagram overnight; It takes days and weeks to finally achieve your goal.



If you want more followers and likes, you have to let your followers know that you care about them and their comments.

To achieve this, first, you must have a number of comments on your posts to make it look like you already have a genuine and dedicated following. You can easily buy comments on Instagram here.

Take Your Likes Seriously 

Let’s think about a situation where an advertiser approaches you with a deal to advertise his product. You have a good number of followers and views on your posts, but your likes can barely make it to 100. My best guess is that you won’t get the deal as the advertiser will have the impression that your followers are not seeing your posts.



To avoid this from happening, you must buy likes on Instagram as they’ll definitely have a huge impact on your monetary benefits.

If you’re serious about buying likes on Instagram, make sure to read this informative article on the subject.

The purpose of this article is for you to realize that getting popular on Instagram is possible for almost everyone out there.

In case you’re having second thoughts about buying followers, likes and comments on Instagram, understand that you might just be sabotaging your success. Do you honestly think that your favorite brands, models or bloggers never bought followers or likes?

My friend who was struggling on YouTube created an Instagram account in order to promote her channel.  After about 2 weeks, she had gotten over 40,000 followers!

I was naïve to think that she must have worked seriously hard in order to get to that number, only to find out later on that she was buying her followers.

Today, YouTube and Instagram have become her full time job and she has made back all the money she invested in buying those followers and likes many folds over.

Not for once have she regretted her action.

And why would she? She now does really well with online advertisements and affiliate marketing.

If you’re really serious about growing your Instagram account, you definitely should consider buying followers on Instagram.

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