INSTAGRAM- Give it a thought
by igzy November 06, 2017 Instagram

Hey! Did you recognize me? No? Okay, let me introduce myself! My name is Procrastinator. I have a Maths exam

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Instagram – Thinking Big
by igzy November 05, 2017 Instagram

Instagram is a place from where you will find the “real you.” It is like a mirror that reflects back

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How Instagram Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts
by igzy September 09, 2017 Instagram

Marketing used to involve a lot of travelling and face to face interactions, but not anymore. As we know, change

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Instagram: Your Chance to Become Remarkable
by igzy September 08, 2017 Instagram

Instagram is not just another photo sharing app, it is a medium of expression – one that’s capable of bringing

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Social Media Marketing: The Instagram Experience
by igzy July 19, 2017 Instagram, Instagram Marketing

  Internet technology has revolutionized our world, our business, and the way we run our marketing campaigns. The rise of

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Why I chose Instagram Over Other Social Platforms for My marketing Purpose
by igzy July 19, 2017 Instagram

There are many reasons why I chose Instagram over other social media platforms for promoting my business. First, it is

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How to Build Your Own Instagram Success
by igzy July 17, 2017 Instagram

  Having a big account on Instagramis synonymous to having a good reputation. To the people who visit your page,

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