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Money has always been synonymous with business and personal success, and so to make it easy to make, so many technological tools have been invented.

One of such is the social media.

Social media has evolved to become the prime target for entrepreneurs hoping to showcase their talents, products and services to a global audience.



Billions of people all over the world are being connected with the help of this technology. Its application reaches far and wide.

With it, a new era of digital advertisement began – an era that has seen the income of so many businesses skyrocketing and the standard of living of so many people all over the world improving.

The physical limitations of selling continues to break down as more and more businesses discover that accessing consumers all over the world is just a click away.

How wonderful is that? The entire global market place only a click away.

In this backdrop, global competition attained a new meaning and standing.

Quite frankly, the benefit that accrues to a business that uses social media are many and varied.

To illustrate, here’s our story

Benefit of Social Media: Our Story


My friend and I started experimenting with the social media giant, Instagram at college.

We were looking for fun activities to spend our leisure time on when a friend suggested we open an Instagram account to show the world our creativity and talents.

It was our new adventure.

Soon, we were creating something unique and innovative that our reputation sored in no time.

The idea was to create an account and share our experience of college life and all the fun and events that came with it.

It was easy to put this idea into perspective. Instagram was also easy to handle, and soon, we were on a roll with much excitement on our part.

As soon as we created the account and posted photos and videos, we started getting tons of likes and comments.

As time goes on, we started toying with the idea of using the page for business, but the rate at which it was growing wasn’t good enough for us.

That same friend that gave us the initial idea suggested this time that we use an existing feature within the app.

It involves contacting the admins of pages with huge follower base and asking them to reach out to their followers and convince them to follow, like and comment on our posts and page.

Specifically, what we had to do was to buy Instagram followers from these pages, and also buy Instagram likes and Instagram comments for our posts at a very beginner friendly price.

The decision to buy Instagram followers, Instagram Views and to Instagram comments poses a huge risk, but it turned out to be a great decision in the long run as it provided the foundation for the future growth of the page and by extension, our business.

As our page graduates from a lesiure activity to a full blown business, we replicated the same model that led to our growth: we started charging our followers that want to also increase their followers a small fee.

Posting regularly, testing and modifying content according to our followers preferences, getting reviews from followers are part of the major things that led to the growth of the page.

Then story posting and video content was introduced. We started making videos about fun events and activities happening in college.

Getting views on these videos was difficult because one has to keep in mind so many details like the level of creativity, readers preferences and the duration.

As we gave newcomers the opportunity to buy instagram followers and likes, we made huge profits simply working as a team and taking into account all the features available on the platform.

With the many content options available; pictures, videos, story posting and live videos, the world can be connected within seconds.

Just like it helped us, Instagram has helped so many businesses to grow and flourish much faster than any known previous method.


We all are familiar with the fact that a coin has two sides. Similarly, technology has both sides of negative and positive, with the positive being associated with the growth of businesses and income.



We can quite frankly say that the positive aspect far outweighs the negative.

With the help of social media, people from all over the world are interacting and sharing ideas, thoughts and imaginations on a professional basis on a single platform.

Motivation has never been more abundant as individuals can see the successes of others and emulate them.

Smart work is always preferred over a hard work because the same results can be obtained with a much lesser effort. With Technological tools such as social media, smart work has become the norm for smart businesses.

Instagram which began as a social media app for leisure has evolved into a powerful business tool that is helping businesses connect with customers irrespective of their location.

It has made the global market place better through improved competitiveness and has given individuals a platform to showcase their talents and earn reputation and income.


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