The Joy of Having an Instagram Account

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So, Basically, Instagram is a simple social media where its users can share pictures as well as videos (not too large) seamlessly. The number of Instagram followers determine a user ‘s popularity. A user can be followed by another user, allowing them to view his/her posts.

When I first heard of it, I wasn’t so amazed, but when I eventually installed it, it was fun sharing photos of places I’ve been to, special moments with loved ones, the latest masterpiece I painted. Reading all the comments on my post made me so happy. It was a great experience.

As soon as I figured that Instagram is huge and has a great audience, I started to exhibit my skills. I posted romantic, write-ups and got a really good response. My friends even started ready-made clothes and took orders for ripping jeans as well. And they are doing really good.

Apart from using it to promote your business, you can use Instagram to follow your favorite celebrities, sports personalities, Titans, comedians, and artists. Media houses use this platform for various advertisement purposes and it is working for them.

It polishes your social skills

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, You can also buy Instagram followers! Yes, you read that right. Genuine Instagram followers. All you have to do to increase your followers and popularity is to buy real followers on Instagram from a reputable, reliable company.

To increase even more popularity, You can buy Instagram likes too! Yes, that is possible. For that also you just have to pay a smaller amount and select the pictures you want to increase likes on, and boom! Your photos are liked by thousands, even millions of likes on a single picture. And you’re famous person now.

For it to look Legitimate, You will also need someone to comment on your pictures. But you want the comments to be positive, Don’t worry! You can even buy Instagram comments on your pictures. Imagine your picture having thousands or millions of likes and thousands of positive and heart whelming comments! How popular would that make you? Just imagine!

It sharpens your outlook

Also, one of the most amazing things about Instagram is its inbuilt filters and cropping features. Instagram is well known for its editing options, in fact, some people use Instagram just to edit their photos.

It helps you view and share amazing content

Another interesting yet cool thing about Instagram is that their team is so active and fast in rolling out updates to its users, and people love it! The latest update of Instagram has made everyone fall in love with it. They have introduced “story” feature in it, which you can use to share pictures (live click or from picture gallery) to your story and it will disappear after 24 hours. You can even edit who all can see your story.

That is just very “cool!” You have an amazing platform where you can read so much content, like motivational quotes, interesting information, a new study, facts about life, food and travel, and so much more!

It is a great medium of communication

Instagram is also popularly used for texting and it’s interesting and different from others because of its user-friendly nature. In case you send a text to a wrong person, you can even unsend the message again. I mean, how great is that. It can be used for secret conversations too. You can unsend messages before the person reads it. That’s one out of many amazing features of Instagram.

It engages users

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media tools. When it comes to user interaction rates, Instagram beats all other social networking sites, according to a 2015 Forrester analysis of the top 50 global brands. Recently it was purchased officially by Facebook, yes that’s right! FB purchased Instagram for $1 Billion, that’s an insane amount of money. They figured how popular it is becoming and how much more users are getting connected on the platform. So they bought it, making Facebook even bigger now. It’s like one huge family now, You can post from your Instagram to Facebook directly, keeping you more connected and engaged with your followers and influencers.

It is secured

Instagram is evolving very fast! And in this world of internet and security, Instagram has provided its users with a pretty tight security. You can also enable 2- step verification. If you feel someone knows your password, you can enable 2-step verification. All it does is:

  1. Asks for your password that’s one step; and
  2. Asks you to verify your identity over the phone

One time passwords can be random alphanumeric combinations, which are impossible to guess, making your account more secure than ever before.

It is created for you

Instagram cares for you, the user. They introduced the cloud feature to save you when uploading your posts on the cloud, but that’s just one of its intended feature. The Instagram team is also figuring a way to make their user experience better, and they came up with the idea of 3D experience!

What else are you looking for? Instagram has introduced 3D touch feature to its platform, where you can switch between stories using a simple swipe. For now, it is safe to say that Instagram is the most interesting social media tools. We love Instagram and hope they keep innovating great features in the near future.

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