How Instagram Changed My Friend’s Life

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My friend Kinjal wanted badly to become a model because that’s what she’s passionate about.

She was faced with so many challenges at first which includes her parents objecting to her career option, lack of headway on her part and a zero portfolio.

Once she overcame her first huddle which is to convince her parents, Kinjal moved on to the next challenge; finding a suitable means of launching her career.

Anytime she thought about creating a portfolio to attract her type of clients, she meets a brick wall because she doesn’t know anyone in the fashion industry.

Her only option was to turn to Instagram. As unserious as it might sound, this is the only way she could become visible to the people she wanted to attract; fashion designers.

But building a respectable follower base on Instagram proved to be a challenge especially since she doesn’t know how to begin.

Even after updating her really nice photographs, she wasn’t receiving more that 5 to 6 likes which was very frustrating.

She then started making research on how to improve the situation and read some few articles such as: tricks to make your Instagram page stand outsuccess stories of Instagram marketing.

She started getting some clarity and soon had a plan in place which eventually helped her to become the popular Instagram model she wanted to become.

Here’s how she did it:


First, she started by buying real followers on Instagram, which got her around 2000 followers. With this, she was getting more likes for her pictures and new followers that she didn’t buy.

This was progress and she was happy with it.

She realized how effective this shortcut method is and decided to also buy likes on Instagram. Soon, her pictures were getting more than 1,000 likes.

Now, she was all set to pursue her modeling career.

The next logical step she needed to take was to follow professional designers and recruiters in the fashion Industry in order to get their attention, and that is exactly what she did.

Soon, she was getting approached by some small firms with offers which she decided to take in order to gain experience.

Building her fan base and engagements



Even though her followers and likes were increasing on a large scale, my friend was getting only a few comments which is the next huddle she need to overcome if she must get signed by big magazines or shows.

This article on how to be popular on Instagram, gave her some ideas. She decided to buy Instagram comments and views as well.

Once this was done, she started creating giveaways and posting it on her page as well as having guest posts. Buying Instagram comments made it appeared to others that she had many people taking part in such competitions.

This got her featured on other accounts that are helping promote her giveaways.

These tricks did wonders for her!

She made so many friends and some even appreciated her work enough to start a fan accounts for her.

Finally, she was achieving the kind of success she had hoped for.

My friend suggested Instagram to me



Kindal was the one who introduced me to Instagram as a marketing tool and to everyone who cared to know the secret of her success.

Even though she used other social media platforms like LinkedIn, she was doing it solely to promote her Instagram. This was how much she believed in it.

If you need help on which platforms to promote your Instagram account on; read this article which talks about 18 powerful ways to market your Instagram account.

These days, my friend even does product reviews for small and big brands for products such as hair care products, skin care products, facial treatments, and so on.

She also does sponsored posts and promotes other brands on her account.

Now, she makes money not just from modeling but from sales commissions as well.

This success wouldn’t have been possible on other social media platform that doesn’t let you buy followers, likes, views and comments.

Kinjal made a smart choice. She knows that by following the traditional method of becoming popular on Instagram, it will take her a lifetime to achieve the kind of success she wants. She didn’t want that to happen.

Like Kinjal, you can benefit a lot from buying followers, likes and comments on Instagram to look like a professional in the shortest period of time

However, if your aim is to become a YouTube star or get cast in short films on YouTube, what you’ll benefit from is buying views. Because, if you buy views on Instagram for your videos, it will appear to filmmakers that people like your videos and thus increases your chances of getting selected.

I hope my friend’s story has inspired you on the areas to take action on in order to benefit from your presence on Instagram. With the help of her advice, I’m beginning to do just that. 



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