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Instagram is a social media marketing tool that houses your potential customers, prospects, and buyers, which mean you can use it for business.

A recent study shows that most Internet users have Instagram accounts and more than half of the world’s top 100 brands are on Instagram, which means that with Instagram, you can do many business activities: Promote your products, connect with your clients, increase your brand visibility.

Here are ways to do business with Instagram:

Buy Instagram followers

When you do, you will build your social proof. But what is social proof?

Wikipedia defines social proof as “informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.”

For example, we feel more comfortable buying from a brand that has 10, 000 followers on Instagram than a brand with only 10 followers. Because we feel more at ease buying from businesses with huge fan bases.

This is no surprise that nearly 63% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has some form of social proof like product ratings and reviews.

That’s why buying Instagram followers or buying Instagram likes is good for your business.


Use hashtags to attract potential customers

It’s more popular on Twitter, but a hashtag – the string of word or words followed by a hash sign (#) – is popular on almost all social networking sites, including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

People use hashtags to power their ideas or start a conversation. These Hashtags are important for several reasons.

  1. They’re used as a medium to open up a discussion or organize a movement.
  2. People can easily find and follow ideas they like or join a cause that is so dear to them, when you follow a specific hashtag
  3. Hashtags also help you market your products.

When you build and craft appropriate hashtags, you can lead your prospective customer into your storefront, making them check, review, and even buy your product. Free online tools like Iconosquare or Websta can help you find relevant hashtags that will attract your target customers based on your keywords.

The hashtags can also help you garner large community of fans that will help you build your business.

Build a community of followers and fans

Marketing is all about attracting people to your products and/or services.

The more people you can get, the better your chances of driving them to your business doors, the more likely you’ll get them to buy your products. That’s why establishing a huge community of fans is important for your marketing success on Instagram.

There is a host of many ways to increase your community base. You can spend millions on advertisements. You can also invest in sponsored ads or collaborate with Instagram influencers to promote your brand.

While these are all good options, the reality is, they tend to consume your hard earn savings. And this is not the route you want to take as a struggling startup.


Promote your products often

Whatever product you’re selling, no matter how valuable it is, if you’re not exposing it often to your consumers, it won’t sell.

Professional marketers know that marketing a product, whether it is on social media or print media, is a continuous, consistent process. So show off your products often for your Instagram followers, influencers, and your other friends and family members.

Again and again, snap your product and post in on the photo-sharing app. Remember to post a variety of your product in different style, location, and settings. For example, if you’re selling wrist watches, you should share the product’s image, share yourself wearing it, as well as a funny video of a pal checking it out in your store.

The goal is to show it off consistently to the hundreds or thousands of Instagram followers and likes you have just bought to spark interest and ignite a sell.

And one way to do this is through publishing valuable posts.


Share contents

Buying Instagram likes and followers won’t do you any good if you don’t engage them.

Valuable posts engage users on social media. Your posts have to be worth reading, watching, and sharing. In other words, they have to pack a ton of value.

Valuable posts are content that:

  • Helps a user solves their problems
  • Helps a user meet their desires
  • Helps a user with the right information that will improve their lives

Far from a cute dancing cat or a sexy photo, your content should be actionable, entertaining, and educative to your fans and followers. If you want to effectively market your product on Instagram, you have got to post something creative. Texts, images, or resources that empower, educate, or amuse your fans.

Your posts – and all your actions on Instagram – have to be centered on your brand and customers. So don’t just capitalize on buying Instagram followers and bragging with social proof. Share stories about your business and products in a way that it will add value to your followers, prospects, and consumers. That’s the way to build a successful business on Instagram.

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