How Instagram Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

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Marketing used to involve a lot of travelling and face to face interactions, but not anymore.

As we know, change is the only constant rule of nature- a statement which holds true for the radical new changes happening in the marketing world in recent time.



If one should study closely the reasons for these changes, it becomes immediately obvious that it is not unrelated to the evolution of online and social media.

Whether this change has been impacting the business world positively or negatively, we’ll illustrate with the help of an example: Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used and most rapidly growing social platforms in the world today, being used by individuals and businesses alike.

Because of its very wide global reach, businesses wanting to reach a large number of their customers have turn to it for advertisement purposes.

And because it is domiciled online, marketing of products can be done without having to go through face to face interactions or travelling.

Furthermore, it has the potential to give businesses free publicity which greatly reduces the cost of advertisement.

With its many tools and functionalities, Instagram has the potential to increase the size of the global market place in the years to come.



An Instagram Success Story

Having used Instagram for marketing and experienced firsthand the immense benefit it brought to my business in terms of growth, I decided to help my friend who has an online store that has failed to make him any sales.

I met him and we strategized and plan on how best to use the social network to grow his business in a short period of time.

In no time, we created an account for his business and started to post the products available in his store. With this initial step, we started to get some Instagram Likes which however were too small for what we had in mind.

We researched on the internet on how best to solve this problem and came across a method that helps in increasing the number of followers in our account and also the likes and comments on our posts to a considerable amount.

We needed to invest in the account so we decided to buy Instagram followers by contacting many of the existing pages with a large database of fans willing to help by providing us with real Instagram followers.

For a small fee, these pages were willing to help, and soon we reached the milestone of 10,000 followers in just a few days.




More and more people started to see the products and business started rolling in. However, the number of likes and comments we get on each post was still less than that of the known competition.

So once again we decided to purchase them by employing the help of other pages that allows people to buy Instagram Comments. 

This one time investment proved very profitable for the business, and the benefits continues to be seen.


Experimenting with more options

As the business grew, my friend started to post videos of his products showing their condition and prices. He was getting so much popularity from the Instagram views he was getting from these videos and more customers were rolling in.

He also used Instagram stories to send shout outs to his followers for free, which greatly increased his popularity.


With time, he was getting a lot of messages from followers and viewers who are interested in his products

All this took my friend’s profit to a whole new level. He was selling to a global audience and competing with global competitors and I as his helper had the opportunity of experiencing firsthand how Incredible Instagram can be for businesses willing to take it serious.


In Summary

Using Instagram for marketing purpose is something that continues to evolve with time. New methods and tools are coming out each day to make it an even more powerful platform for businesses.


No one could have ever taught that a social network once used for entertainment and leisure could end up becoming a global market place for businesses.

The people who discover how to use iteffectively become truly blessed as they experience immense growth for their businesses or cause.

Many creative minds have been able to showcase their talents and experiment with a marketing method that’s less demanding, very early in their careers.

Through Instagram, Individuals like me have been able to receive global appreciation for their work.

The platform will continue to be used by individuals and businesses hoping to make a mark in the world without necessarily leaving the comforts of their homes or offices.


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