Instagram: Your Chance to Become Remarkable

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Instagram is not just another photo sharing app, it is a medium of expression – one that’s capable of bringing you immense success and true friends – as can be testified by the millions of success stories it has produced since the day it was launched.

Visual content has become the rave of the moment as far as marketing your product is concerned. If you can couple it with a unique and powerful message at the time of your launch, you have a certain edge over your competitors already.


But having a unique start will only take you so far. The best way to speed up your success on Instagram and be way ahead of your competitors is to outsmart them

I’ll reveal how you can do that in a minute.


Becoming famous on Instagram 

If you’re really serious about making Instagram a profitable means of marketing your business, the one question you should ask yourself often is: How can I be the one with the Record breaking number of followers?


Instagram has millions of users and you need to somehow find a way to get the attention of these users, and engage them.

Normally, this will take you an incredibly long time and cost you a fortune.

But what if I tell you that there’s another way – a magicalway of bringing out the genie out of the bottle so that it grant you all your marketing wishes and help you succeed in no time?

Getting the genie out of the bottle is as easy as this: buy Instagram likes and views.

But before you get to the stage of buying Instagram Likes, views and comments, you need to first get your foundation right. Otherwise even if you open the bottle, the genie will not take notice.

In this article, I’ll share with you some steps you must follow to make sure this doesn’t happen.

First, you need to have a powerful profile displaying your picture or that of your product. This is what represents your brand and people can immediately identify you with it.

Secondly, you need to figure out the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘who’

Like most problems, making the most of your bought traffic also has a what, when and who solution.

  1. The What:

What should be the name of the account that will represent your product or business? What message will your pictures and videos pass across to your followers?

Here are some solutions

  1. Find a cool, funky and memorable name if your account is personal. If it’s abusiness account, it’s better to use your brand name.
  2. Figure out what your message is going to be, because whatever you post on Instagram is what your followers will identify you with. Instagram gives you the opportunity to express your message or feelings through photos and videos and you need to find a way to make this count.
  3. What’s the substance of your message beyond the pictures and the videos? This is what will make your followers either hate or love your brand. It is what will make people feel attached to your message and identify with it. You have to be careful with this because your message is accessible to everyone.


  1. The When

Letting the genie out at the wrong moment is sure to spoil your chances of success. You need to plan. If for example you want to explain something to your followers with a series of post as against a standalone one, you’ll need to have a timeline and make sure you post them in the appropriate order.

Timing is crucial.

You should also make sure you post at a time when the maximum number of people will likely see it.

  1. The Who

Who are your audience? The most integral part of your marketing strategy is to understand your audience and to make sure your message resonates with them.

Youths constitutes the highest number of users on Instagram, you need to keep this in mind when preparing your content.

When you find your target audience, it’s a good practice to follow them. This gives them the feeling that you’re interested in them and increase the chance that they’ll click your profile, check you out and eventually follow you.

Buying real Instagram followers is a great way to begin this approach.


That’s it; all the basics

Laying this basic foundation is enough, yet most people forget to put them into practice and end up keeping the genie locked up in the bottle forever.



If you follow these steps religiously, there’s no way you’ll fail to see the results you crave for your business. You will have followers and viewers flocking to your account and engaging with your post, thus making your Investments on the Instagram platform worth it many times over.

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