Marketing with Instagram: 9 Tips for Success

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 Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It is a platform where you can take photos, or videos, or share texts or amazing images, and upload them in instantly on your profile.

Because of its visual appeal, high user engagement, and ease of use, businesses and consumers are on the photo-sharing app to explore their industries, connect with their customers, and promote their brand with ease.

This is no surprise that Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users, which include businesses, corporations, and individual consumers. So, if you are a small business, a new startup, or even a big company, you can use Instagram to market your products and engage your prospects. Here are nine tips for success:

1. Create a catchy account name.

 The first thing to do to maximize your chances of promoting your business on Instagram is to create a mesmerizing account name. Lure people in following your account with a catchy, attractive, and meaningful account name. Your account name should be related to your business idea, your brand, your product or service.

Remember, you need your potential followers to develop interest in you upon seeing your account name in the sea of other accounts on the social media platform. So make it standout, and don’t forget to relate it to your business.


2. Use an appealing profile picture.

The next tip for a successful Instagram marketing campaign is putting an appealing picture in your Instagram profile. An appealing picture is any image that is sharp, high in resolution, and clear, and it should depict your face (as the CEO or founder of your business) or your company logo (if you prefer to use your company as the face of your business).

 Your profile picture plays a very significant role in selling your brand to your potential customers. For one thing, it will draw more followers to your Instagram page, making you develop new followers organically. For another, your account name can attract a user to click through your page. And if you buy some large amount of Instagram followers, they’ll get the motivation to follow you too, and become your sales rep.

3. Share quality content.

After your name and your attractive photo …comes your posts. Remember this: Your posts  are the backbone of your Instagram marketing campaign. You should not be scared to post anything – that’s related to your brand identity – at the beginning, and take people’s views and ideas at the same time.

 Any feedback you get from your followers and influencers is valuable, and you should take it to heart.  When you keep sharing valuable posts and content that educates and enthuse your followers, believe me, they will follow you back and buy your products, and ell their peers to do the same.

4. Share content constantly.

 Sharing your content should not be a one-time thing, or an occasional event. It should be consistent. The best way to do it is to schedule your posts for each day. You have to time your posts such that you don’t end up posting it at the same time that the majority of your followers and fans are asleep… Constant posting and sharing content at the right time is crucial if you want more followers. And if you want your brand to be popular on Instagram.

5. Tag people.

 You should tag as many people as you can,  so that your list of followers will increase. This is because the people you tag (along with their followers) will most likely end up following you too, giving you an uneven advantage

6. Follow a hashtag trend.

 You can either post a picture related to a trending hashtag on Instagram, if you are a blogger or you need to create attractive, catchy hashtags to go with your posts, if you are a company using Instagram as a marketing tool. Doing so will help you reach your audience, grow your follower counts, and boost your brand visibility.

7. Buy Instagram followers.

 If you are a company in search of potential clients on social media, then Instagram is a very nice platform for you. It is even better when your potential followers of buyers notice your social proof – that you have thousands of Instagram followers, users liking your posts, followers commenting on your content and viewing your shared video clips. When your potential buyers notice your social proof, they will get motivated to d the same: follow you, buy your products, share your content, like your posts.

 8. Be an active Instagram user.

 This is a great tip to build your presence among others. If you end up following someone, then they might also follow you in return. If you take another step, like, and comment on their content, then they might do the same too. In this way, you can get the attention of your fan . It will prompt them to check your company blog and eventually buys your product.

9. Call them to take action.

Growing your business faster by telling the people what to do is a time tested, straight to the point tactic. You must tell the audience first how your product is going to benefit them, and then you should tell them where or how they can approach you to access your product. In other words, package your posts with a clear call to action. Therefore, your posts  should have a link to your product page in it, leading your followers to your e-commerce store.

You can even use Instagram as blogging tool, posting photos instead of writing blog content. Let’s say you are into culinary industry and want to write about food. You can create that in visual imagery, by posting culinary dishes in images and videos. Thus, attracting more attention by appealing to the most important part of human emotion: human senses—That’s what the photo-sharing app focuses on – visuals that make people feel and react.

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