Instagram Marketing: A Guide for Small Businesses

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It’s a well known fact that brands enjoy 4 percent engagement opportunities on Instagram more than they do on other social networking sites, according to Forrester. With this, it’s a smart strategy, especially for small businesses with lean budget, to consider marketing on Instagram, as it is one of the best marketing options for them.

The big question is this:

What is/or are the best ways small businesses should use Instagram to market their brands and increase their ROI?

Here are a step-by-step guide to follow:

Step #1: Set up an attractive profile page.

 An attractive profile page is one which contains the following:

First, it’s loaded with clear information about yourself – and your startup – adoring it with your real photo and the photos of your products.

Second, you must ensure that your business logo is top quality, bright, and appealing.

Third, you must optimize your profile for your potential clients (by using the right username and links to your product pages).

All these are important because first impression is everything. This is the reason why Instagram influencers work hard to ensure their profile page stand out from the crowd. They know that first impression matters in charming a user, making them a follower, and turning them into a repeat buyer.

Step #2: Boost your fan base.

You can do that by buying Instagram followers or likes from reputable companies. Why? Because marketing  is all about attracting people to your products and/or services, and the  more people you can get, the better your chances of driving them to your business, the more reputable you become online.

With as low as $10, you can buy 1000 Instagram followers and likes from our reputable companies, for example. The large followings or likes can help you grow a large community of fans, gain credibility, and sell more of your products on the photo-sharing app.

Because only when you get followers that your followers will increase, giving you the social proof that you needed to command authority, gain credibility, exposure, and sells online.


Step #3: Social proof sells your brand.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines social proof:

Social proof, as defined by Wikipedia, is a “psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” When a brand has a great social proof, people and consumers will like to buy from them, because they are contented that people who buy from them in the past are satisfied.

This is just a human nature: We feel more comfortable buying from a brand that has an enormous number of followers, likes, views, or comments than from brands that have zero following and zero likes or views. And the smartest, quickest ways to build social proof is to buy real Instagram followers from a reputable company.


Step #4: Share valuable posts.

Valuable posts help you engage your followers, making them stick with you and share your post to their peers. When they share your posts to their peers, which will increase your brand exposure and will drive more traffic, more eyeballs, and more sales to your business. So what are valuable, quality posts? Well, these are posts that are:

  • Beneficial to your followers, in the sense that it helps them realize their desires and solves their pain points
  • Beneficial to your followers in the sense that it educates and entertains them
  • Beneficial to your followers in the sense that it helps them with the right information that will improve their lives

Ensure that your content are actionable, entertaining, and educative to your fans and followers, and ensure that they are relevant to your brand.


Step #5: Keep promoting your brand constantly.

Ensure that you promote your brand to your fans and followers from time to time. Because if you are not marketing it consistently, your followers will not notice it, it won’t sell.

Professional marketers know that marketing a product, whether it is on social media or print media, is a continuous, consistent process. So show off your products often for your Instagram followers, influencers, and your other friends and family members.

From time to time, snap your product and post in on the photo-sharing app. Remember to post a variety of your product in different style, location, and settings. The goal is to show it off consistently to the hundreds or thousands of your Instagram followers that you have purchased or built organically.

This is how smart influencers grow from zero to hero. And this is how you’ll grow your business: From small, unprofitable online venture to a big, profitable online company.


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