3 Questions You Need to Answer to Succeed in Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

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Success stories on Instagram abound: From young influencers getting a ton of followers to companies making millions of dollars in revenue. It’s surprising how they did it, but it is not surprising that the photo-sharing app is meant to move people and companies from zero to hero.

Officially launched in 2010, Instagram has arrived after the big names—Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—but it is at the forefront of the social media race today. with over 500 million active monthly users who have shared an average of 95 million photos and videos per day, according to 2016 statistics by HootSuite, the social media tool is certainly not left behind.

Today every serious brand and personality are on Instagram looking for ways to connect more with other users, engage with their followers, and market their products to their potential buyers. If you want to promote your brand on Instagram, you need to answer these three critical questions:

1. Who are your consumers?

Before anything, you need to figure out the following question: Who are your consumers?

Remember that you are not on Instagram just to post cute pictures. While part of what you must do to increase your follower counts and sales include posting amazing images regularly, you need to first understand that your end goal is to promote your business, appeal to your customers, and connect more with your consumers, so they know, like and buy from you.

But how do you appeal to them if you don’t know them from the first place? So, before you set up your account, chose your username, fill up your Instagram profile, take a day or two to research your targeted customers, understand who they are, know what makes them tick, and master their buying behavior. These things are essential for your Instagram marketing campaign.

2. What is their pain points and/or desires?

The second question you must ask to increase your Instagram marketing success is to understand your customer’s pain points and/or desires. Here, you need to know not only what frustrates them, but what makes them laugh as well, what motivates them to open their wallet and buy your products.

To do that, you can start from your mission, vision, value proposition and walk backward. In other words, by figuring out why you exist and what problems your products solve, you can identify your target market, analyze why they are the perfect fit, and reach out to them on the photo-sharing app. This will not only increase your Instagram followers. It will also help you sell more to your final consumers.

3. How do I resolve their pain point or satisfy their desires?

You are almost done here, because not only that you know who your customers and consumers are, but you also know their pain points and/or desires. Now all you need to do is to figure out how to solve their pain points or satisfy their desires with your products.

Since you have ascertained what they want and hate in the previous section, now is the time to connect with them on a more personal level on Instagram by sharing amazing content with them,  content that will resonate with their needs, appeal to their emotions, and push them to push like buttons and drop positive comments for you.

Because only when they do, that they will become your sales rep thus helping you promote your business with ease.

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