5 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Grow Your Instagram Page

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You know that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools. You know that you can use it to connect with your prospects. You know that it is a powerful social media marketing tool. And you know that you can sell your products and services on the platform. But how can you use it to maximize your chances of success? Here are 5 tips, tricks, and hacks for growing your Instagram page.

1. Understand your audience

Your audience is crucial for your social media presence, and for promoting your brand online.

Because of they are your prospects, consumers, and clients. You are on Instagram because of them, and you want to not only reach them, but appeal to them with your content: Your photo, texts, or video clips.

If you want to grow your Instagram page, the first thing to do it smartly is to understand who your audience is. It is important to know your audience because you need to understand who they are so that the content you share should attract them, because only when it attracts them they will know, like and trust you, and even buy from you.

2. Engage them

Engaging with your audience is as important as understanding them.

For example, you may buy Instagram followers or likes and gain massive follower count. But if you are not engaging these followers, your efforts will be all in vain. Why? Because your followers love to be engaged.

Your content needs to engage them. If it doesn’t, they will unfollow you, and moved on to follow your competitor – who has better content and cuter pictures, who share amazing videos that amuse them, shares content that they will like and comment; content that educates and entertains them at the same time. So to promote your Instagram page, you better share what will appeal to your user’s emotions and nothing else.

3. Buy Instagram followers

Another great tip to growth hack your Instagram page is to buy Instagram followers from reliable, reputable company.

This is another smart option because, lets face, growing your page on Instagram is not easy. If you are starting up as a beginner; for instance, you need to spend 1-2 years sharing content, connecting with other users, engaging with your followers, and appealing to your fans.

All of these things take time and are not easy to do. So the only simple way to grow your page is to buy real Instagram followers that will earn you credibility and respect online. In fact, some businesses even go on to buy Instagram views and likes and comments, which will earn them social proof. They know that with social proof, they can take their brand to the next level…without waiting for 5 or 15 years.

4. Post regularly

Even when you buy Instagram followers and likes, when you Instagram views and comments, when you share 3 posts a day, and connect with your users every second, if you don’t do it regularly, you won’t last.

You need to post regularly. You may post content on your Instagram profile today; for example. You can do it again tomorrow and see a surge in your follower counts. But if you don’t do it again the next day and the next, you can see a drop in your engagement. You need to be a consistent Instagram user if you really want to reap the reward of your Instagram marketing.

5. Use contest to grow your fan base

Many popular pages promote their products using contest and giveaways. Giveaways are the new version of the free sample distribution. The only difference is that the packaging in giveaways is done in a gift like ways.

To win a giveaway, you need to study your users’ need, and then present the gifts based on your user’s pain points or desires.

The contests don’t need to be tough; it should be about just a random of lucky draws that anyone can win. But ensure that your page meets the following:

  • Contains the image of your product/service
  • Contains a caption, underneath the photo, explaining what the contest is all about
  • Tag some friends in the comment section
  • And the participation procedure has to be clearly stated

Sometimes these contests spread over two to three pages where the link in the bio takes you to your landing pages. Ensure that the contest winner is announced on your product page to maximize the success of your campaign. Ask the winners to send in their pictures and comments about the gifts they received.  This will encourage other followers to participate in, and win you thousands of marketing revenue.

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