Why I chose Instagram Over Other Social Platforms for My marketing Purpose

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There are many reasons why I chose Instagram over other social media platforms for promoting my business. First, it is a great platform for expressing myself while at the same time maintaining my professionalism. It has a minimalist design and so it doesn’t require much effort to set up.



This makes it quit easy to use; you don’t need to be technologically inclined to get the hang of it.

I use Instagram for two purposes:

  1. Expressing myself and
  2. Promoting my blog.

However, just because Instagram is easy to use doesn’t necessarily mean you become instantly popular once you set up an account. You need to put in a considerable amount of effort to grow your followers and engagements.

Here’s my Experience of using the Platform in 3 important stages:

The Beginning

When I first setup my account, I was discouraged. I thought I’ve made a terrible mistake in my choice.


I had 0 followers and had no idea how to grow that number. I started using hashtags like “#f4f” “likeforlike”, but it wasn’t enough because I wasn’t exactly getting the kind of result I wanted. I didn’t want random people following me, I wanted followers who have genuine interest in my blog.

Those hashtags did help a little, but I wanted better. It was quite discouraging especially since many of the people that started an account after me were seeing better results.


My Friend came to my rescue

I had this friend who has an account where she promotes her work on Photography. We started our accounts around the same time but after 3 weeks, hers had about 5000 followers while I still had 500.

Of course I was happy for her. Knowing that she uses the hashtags “likeforlike” and “f4f” in her pictures, I thought that was the source of her followers. I learnt this was not the case the day I shared my predicament with her.

Knowing how serious I was with my blog and page, she was more than willing to be of help.

She told me that she was buying her followers on Instagram. At first, this sounded unreal because I know her followers are real and they seem genuinely interested in her work. That doesn’t exactly fit my perception of a bought traffic or look like the spam accounts people get when they by Instagram Followers.

My doubt was soon abated when she revealed to me the site she bought them from, which guarantees real and authentic followers.

I was quite impressed, so after about three days of thinking about it; I went ahead to buy Instagram followers for my account as well.

Immediately, I started getting followers and they seemed very interactive. I soon reached my goal of getting to 10,000 followers.

Not once have I regretted taking this decision ever since


How I used Instagram for business

I was gaining followers steadily, but I didn’t want to relax just yet.

What I wanted was for the highest amount of people to read my blog and appreciate my work. Since my problem regarding followers was already solved, I started focusing on getting likes and comments on my blogs.



This was a difficult job to do because it involved getting people to engage with my post. The problem with engagement is that it involves people actually investing their time on your post, which means you need to be able to capture their attention and hold it.

I researched on topics like: how to get more Instagram likes; how to become popular on Instagram and how to get more comments on Instagram. What I ended up with was so overwhelming I almost gave up.

I then came across this article which gave me some clarity.

This was the way I saw it; if buying Instagram followers solved so many of my problems, how much better can it get if I buy Instagram likes?.

So I invested money in buying likes and it was wonderful! Each picture or a piece of writing I post got more than 500 likes and made me stand out.

I started to feel like I have a voice and I’m being heard, that what I was doing mattered!

Other bloggers impressed by my growth started reaching out to me and giving me offers of Guest Post and collaborations.

Many of them wanted to get exposure for their works too.

This is my success story on Instagram, and anybody can duplicate it.

Now here’s my recommendation to you:

If your account is small and you wish to expand your connection, you must consider buying followers, likes, or comments on Instagram. The first thing you must focus on is expanding yourfollower base and likes. More comments will happen much later, so buy Instagram followers first and then buy likes.

I had to first start by buyingInstagram followers so at least some people would get to know about my blog.

Instagram helped me to become a professional with the minimum amount of effort. Building my followers and likes has never been easier, giving me time to focus on being productive on my blog.

This is the reason I choose Instagram over other social media platforms.It has changed the lives of so many people for the better.

I read this article; step by step marketing over Instagram which further helped me to get the best out of my account and blog! If you’re looking for a catalyst for business growth, you should check it out.

I hope my story inspires you to take action by buying Instagram Followers as well as likes.

It is my hope that you’ve realized what a powerful tool Instagram is when it comes to promoting, marketing, and advertising yourself or your business.



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